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If you have significant anxiety that persists and gets in the way of your life on a daily or weekly basis, Dr. Nisonoff will work with you toward overcoming it.

Panic Attacks
Panic attacks are sudden overwhelming feelings of fear, anxiety, and dread that can leave you out of control or unable to move due to fear. Dr. Nisonoff can treat these attacks with a variety of techniques.

Adult Depression
Depression can have a number of symptoms. It should always be taken seriously whether it is mild or severe. Through counseling, Dr. Nisonoff can help you discover what is contributing to these symptoms and overcome those negative thoughts and habits.

Counseling for Women
Dr. Nisonoff understands the concerns that women have and can help you address them. Find out how she can help.

Stress Management
Stress can have a number of causes and is common in our fast-paced society. Sometimes it can be beneficial to seek professional help to cope with stress. Dr. Nisonoff will collaborate with you to discover what causes your stress and help you develop coping techniques.

Therapy for Couples
Sometimes it seems like building a better relationship with your spouse is impossible. In counseling, however, you will be introduced to new skills that can improve your marriage and regain trust.

Specialty Areas

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